Original Story Ideas

If you’re any sort of writer or storyteller, I can be completely sure that the thought has creeped up on you before: “Has my story idea already been done?” So many writers ask themselves this question out of fear of plagiarizing someone, feeling unoriginal, or assuming that no one will appreciate their story and considerate a “rip-off,” of something already in existence.

The truth is, you can never be completely sure of how similar your idea is to someone else’s. In fact, it’s impossible that elements of your idea have not already been used before. And that’s completely ok! Society often pushes the idea of tropes and clichés, and while they may have a basis behind these opinions, these can often subconsciously discourage so many writers from sharing their stories that the world needs to hear. Elements we know of, such as friendship, love, magic, prophecies, hurt, recovery, rebellion, courage, dreams, and anything else you could imagine, are things that have already been used. They are things you simply can’t avoid, because in the end, these are all elements of our universe, and as a part of the human experience, these are the basic concepts known to life.

Think of your favorite show, movie, cartoon, or comic series. If you look at the basic elements and template that all of the beauty and originality of it is built upon, you are going to find the similarities it has with almost everything in existence! In some form, you will be able to relate them to the experiences of your life, and pull inspiring messages from them, no matter how “out of this world,” the story is. Any setting you choose, whether it’s in a popular city or in another galaxy, will be relevant to and symbolize a concept within our hearts and imaginations. Anything you could possibly dream up is going to have several things in common with anything else, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Anything you write will reveal something about your beliefs, your values, and your life, and it’s a special way to express your spirit to the world and inspire others. The truth that we can all relate to these works regarding the elements of our own lives is the very thing that draws our attention to the millions of forms of stories in existence.

You don’t have to be afraid of telling your story to the world, because no matter what anyone says, it is original. Think of people. We all share much similarities with each other, because there wouldn’t be any other way for us to connect on a deep level. However, each one of us withholds different variations of the endless combinations of personality traits, difference interests, and difference opinions. We are all  individuals, and so is your idea. No matter how similar your idea is to anything else, there is no one who could perceive it exactly the way you could. It is told though your ideas, your characters, and your worlds, so in the end, you don’t have to be afraid that your idea is unoriginal, because it couldn’t be told by anyone else!


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